After, Jeff slashes him


The Masked Man raising his weapon.

Andy: (Gets in car and follows chucky with Jeff in the backseat tied up) "Man,for a 2 foot doll he sure can drive fast."

(Arrives at a cabin in the woods, and a man in a Hockey mask is thrown out)

Andy: (to Jeff) "Stay here." (Gets out car as the man in mask stands up)

Jeff: "Sup…"

The Man: "…" (raises machete)

Jeff: "Uh-oh"


Andy: (Bursts through door, the cabin is dark, Walks around cautiously with a switch blade) "Where are you you ba-"

(rustling sound)

Andy: "Son? Kyle, you there?"

Chucky: And then God said, LET THERE BE LIGHT." (Lights a match and throws it down on the floor, setting the cabin on fire)

Andy: (grabs Kyle and jumps out of cabin, and is tackled by Chucky, who starts beating him up)

Jeff: (Jumps and drags Chucky, and slices half of his face off, and throws him in the lake)

Andy: "Where were you?"

Jeff: "Taking care of someone."

Chucky: (Jumps out onto Jeff)

Jeff: "GET OFF ME YOU PSYCO" (Stabs Chucky)

Chucky: (Falls) AH!, SON OF A BITCH

Andy: (He and Jeff look at each other and look back)

Andy, Kyle and Jeff: "Run!"